About IT

On IT under the pseudonym of Isaiah Thomas (the site author animated this propria persona IT); these digitized images captured the wayward moments onward the stilled framed shots continued to slide (IT was journaled in the life of the author).

Personal beliefs:
The Diamond is the symbolic inscriber most multifaceted. I enjoy writing exercises to develop personal expression. And though I love writing exercises the overuse of judges becomes detestable; expressions of punctuation for the most part: when to breathe, pause for however long of duration(s), and whether to fully stop here. Having learned the simplistic or complex systems of beliefs (the simplistic oftentimes complicates what matters to others least).

Protestant (5 Solas), catholic = Nicene/Creed (early ecumenical creeds), Evangelical, Systematic = Reformed; therefore, Calvinist, Covenant (Baptism), and Amillennialism (but not limited to or in other words
semper reformanda).

Other religions speak of Jihad. The Jihad often brings about negative connotations because most think of "Corporate Jihad" against corporate enemies which involved reciprocal or vindictive notions of physical violence to others. Jihad can also mean to strive against the flesh or the World. I intentionally use Jihad in my description to thrust forward the conviction and severity of the battle or "warring" against either identifiable entities. Whoever loves the World the love of the Father is not in them - a single line for consideration consider how much the Love of the Father means to each individual as well any corporate bodies:  family/church/community/state/nation.
Now the simplistic: "Being" what was yesterday died before this morning. On one hand what was yesterday can be subject to personal rejection today. What was the DNA for today? Everything else observed was either in this moment or based on historical hearsay. "Historian," which lends the most credibility (see the below notations on the subject of logical fallacies)? On the other hand ignoring true history without personal criticism/scrutiny through introspection or self-examination may lead to behavioral patterns of repetition sometimes negative and sometimes positive appearing as curses or blessings.

Enjoyment lately comes by way of reading books outside the Protestant's 66 acceptable books of the bible. I delight in the Gospel of Thomas arguably Gnostic for the author of the works dedicated it under the name of the Apostle Thomas; unlike other Gnostic works embraced Soli Deo Gloria (perception) of which the crucifixion in the Gospel of Thomas was not mentioned the focus instead was placed upon the beautiful life of Jesus Christ.
In application "learning" Jewish Mysticism and Kabbalah presents daily spiritual exercises.
The book of Enoch too lately became a personal interest. A question of in which I mused after reading this book was whether such preference as the very personal G-D in the Garden of Eden was preferred or whether the distant impersonal G-D was other than undesirable (not suggesting either perspective was ours to make). To be lifted up above worldly matters (demiurge) and not engage to further them greatly appeals to me most today. Then again, "whom shall I send?" See favorite book.
I also take pleasure in some of the fundamental insights offered in Buddhism (no longer practicing after raised in various schools for near twenty years).  

Favorite book:
Isaiah (whether or not a single author or "school" of prophets had written the sixty sixty chapters contained in it). The book of Isaiah so accurate many claimed the book was written after the life of Emmanuel. The discovery and dating of the Dead Sea Scrolls put the arguments of the critics to rest.

Favorite commentators of the past to present times:
Barclay, Henry, Calvin, Van Til (Presuppositional Apologetics), Gill, Friedman, and Rashi. And who could ever forget Wilson! when made into the island of desertion?

Favorite Heavenly Creature: Seraphim (for the concern in which they involve themselves only entailing true Worship. I prefer to chop the tails off of any other undesirable creatures (the false prophets reporting back or gossiping).

Favorite Angel: The Angel of the Lord:

Numbers 22 "The angel of the Lord standing in the road with his sword drawn in his hand... . The angel of the Lord said to him.... .  I would have killed you.... ."

Favorite personas: Isaiah/Thomas which pointed to Emmanuel. 

Note: Of the living I stress the importance of honoring elders as well Pastors at my personal community church at this time. Since my personal views today stretch the "orthodoxy" of what is generally acceptable by most members of the church I refrain from names of the living to not cause undue criticism, persecution, or to lower the esteem of reputation based on negative association. Just to note heresy and heterodoxy simply convey not "adhering" to the degree of conviction for the majority of acceptable doctrines or "opinions" of belief. Perhaps today exists an overemphasis by the majority of modern interpreters (offices and the Catholic church) let alone on memorization (what was historically stated so many times already throughout the logical extensions of Apostolic doctrine time and time again) rather than personal discovery?  Interestingly a logical fallacy exists under the logical fallacies: Argumentum ad Populum. I emphasize personal accountability and responsibility for the way that in which this lives the truth.