The Legend of Thomas

Gen X of the Legend of Thomas

Note: the semi-colon and colon was used for a short breath; when contrasted to the comma, which was brief compared to the optional stop at the period here. Personally, the author rejects punctuation and circulates what was writ in the breath contained in his mouth semi-aloud. If these kinds of writings bother then the author was thinking that this wasn't meant for you (IT prefers to dismiss all forms of punctuation).

The Genealogy of X

What follows was the account of Thomas known by the twin. Thomas took wives from the land of Egypt: Annanite, the Egyptian of Intervanice, the Lewthrenite. Annanite bore Nielite to Thomas. No son of Thomas was born of him in the land of Egypt. It came to Thomas; then his possessions acquired in the land of Egypt went to Annanite, away some distance. This was the account of the son of Thomas; from generation X, the adopted son of Thomas. These were the names of three generations: the Thomas before the Thomas after the twin, one of two stillborn. The Thomas before and after; these both were birthed from the unknown. These were the writings of Thomas, the living Thomas of three generations head of the house of Thomas. The only Thomas alive given the birthright out of the house of Thomas.
Notes 1

These were the writings that followed; where he settled and lived and was not permitted to write of the land of Egypt; because, in the World, his family lives. These were the writings of Thomas; the first and the last to live; these were the writings from the last after he was received through faith by the grace of the Lord. These were the writings he wrote; he put one-third of them on the tip of his pen and wrote the life of the house of Thomas. These were the writings of the twin, he rewrote above the palms of his hands, based on the knowledge he learned. These were the uninspired writings of Thomas, according to the legend of Thomas by the oral tradition handed down to him. These were his writings woven in, throughout, the life of the house of Thomas; by him whom the twin was known. These were the writings from his heart; which brought back the beginning. These were the writings he walked in; to correct the beginnings so that he could move ahead and live. These were the writings of Thomas; one of two twins from his perspective, which lived, based on Thomas, who believed, gone forward, and lives. These were the accounts of the living disciples, who wrote these things so that this might understand, in the presence of the disciples of Jesus Christ, not recorded in the Scriptures. This was his account writ in the inner room, where there was not enough space on earth to have written, everything in around the World.
Notes 2

In this day-long ago the legend of Thomas was told. Thomas was the servant of a king; he resembled nobility when no-lineage within the bound of his genealogy was found. From the family of the layman, Thomas departed the former life he knew, to become the cornerstone of the king, to fit together and build; the new palace for his king. Before the commission began, the king summoned Thomas to his court; the scepter was leaned. Thomas approached after the scepter was nodded, and the spoken words of the king, "I have decided to do this, I will build my new palace, you will oversee the construction." The king continued and breathed out at great depth; he had shone Thomas this the perfect cut diamond he alone approved, so everybody else also knew the depth of the approval of the king. Listen to this, said the king to Thomas, "since the new palace takes many years to finish, take this diamond, my royal inscription the seal to go anywhere. Nothing under the sun withholds, so go and enjoy and soon after the blood moon; return, then tell your king about all the sights which were seen. Therefore, let this be known, "enjoy the year upon the expanse of my providence the furthest horizons under the sun or the moon. Everything below the gates of heaven was the providence of your king; the celestial lights remain uncommitted beyond my royal rank. Thomas sheathe your sword for everyone under heaven already knew of my royal diamond. Though they follow the royal splendor they will not dare touch this or its royal beholder for lack of desire or want. What good are earthly riches, if they no longer live and never again see the light of the sun or forever the moon? Were its worth valued generations brought forth from them should they bear the curse and suffer them because they desired this from you? When you return, oversee the palace under the celestial lights made upon the earth was befitting for your king." Thomas replied, "surely what was impressed upon them everybody already knew there was nothing other than cowardice round the earth; beneath the sun along with the moon."
Notes 3

Now upon the return of Thomas, the king was already in his court sat upon the throne "long live the king!" was heard through the shout of Thomas. Now the king said to Thomas "give back the diamond" before he asked about the journey before him; however, at first glance the expression of the king had changed. The king then said to Thomas, explain, while imprisoned, guards seize him! Thomas was brought down to the prison the place where the king's prisoners were confined. So he was there behind the iron veil but the king visited Thomas and sat by his side. The king said, "The royal diamond was returned: soiled, bloodied and uncleaned. For you to receive favor again Thomas this diamond must be restored back to its original grandeur as before." The king had not concerned himself for anything else other than the royal splendor. The diamond was placed outside the cell Thomas was confined. Thomas received everything needed by the king: scripture, the scroll, pen, paper, and the king gave him all the time thereafter.
Thomas sat on the floor of the cell |||&|||
These were the first writings Thomas referenced:

• Logion 1 And he said, "Whoever finds the interpretation of these sayings will not experience death."
• John 8:51-52 "I tell you the solemn truth, the one who hears my message and believes the one who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned, but has crossed over from death to life. Then the Judeans responded, "Now we know you're possessed by a demon! Both Abraham and the prophets died, and yet you say, 'If anyone obeys my teaching, he will never experience death.'
• Matthew 13:10-15 Then the disciples came to him and said, "Why do you speak to them in parables?" He replied, "You have been given the opportunity to know the secrets of the kingdom of heaven, but they have not. For whoever has will be given more, and will have an abundance. But whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him. For this reason I speak to them in parables: Although they see they do not see, and although they hear they do not hear nor do they understand. And concerning them the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled that says: 'You will listen carefully yet will never understand, you will look closely yet will never comprehend. For the heart of this people has become dull; they are hard of hearing, and they have shut their eyes, so that they would not see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their hearts and turn, and I would heal them.'

The spirit of Thomas was down trodden Thomas ceased from writing several times, he turned from the diamond towards the window of the cell the bars barely above the ground; he could see the clouds. Thomas dreamt the dreamer that's when the beams of light were cast and through the barred window the diamond was illuminated. Thomas knew the mistake he had made, and how the king was dishonored. This diamond was art; interpretation required awareness not from the sense of the light of the World but the true light of the Lord. The soiled and bloodied diamond was from striving against the flesh. I am the diamond multifaceted able to perceive the sun through various hues reflecting the light of life which implied dependencies upon the true light to interpret the meaning beyond the surface (not that there was anything wrong with admiring Thomas' personal penmanship or quality of paper handed to him). It was not enough that the light reflects on the surface not only the letters the grammar the structure but the colors and the beauty in the eyes of the beholder not contained in or even on the paper itself. In other words init the awareness expanded from the single grain of salt into the shaker of the hand. The Spirit was beyond me the awareness was the first step in the process, not that either direction was wrong, said Thomas. Whether the grain of salt or the shaker itself the first step was being emptied out. Thomas walked out of the court at that time on the day he went for nearly a year. Thomas charged headfirst out of the court against the setting of the World.

The continuation was soon to follow.... .