“He was led away after an unjust trial - but who even cared?” - Isaiah 53:8

“Who is this that comes?” They motioned, “come forth to us” the fiery tongues, “Let us question his motives and intents.” 
        The mighty wings they covered two by two. 
One by one the wings lifted them aloft they flew they moved like darting adders the mysteries secured between the wings of the Seraphim, “a syllable here a syllable there was he blessed or blessed that comes in the name of the Lord?” 
“Fallen down upon his face fully in submission resist the devils pain and suffering,” the Seraph sensed. 
“In him they say we cared spat on the bearded cheeks was freed from hair the pain was greater than any man should bear the back was striped the end of that! whip! cracked!" 
        The stars above the holy faces they covered them by wings of two tightly sealed the pinions locked how many of them was impermissible to share. 
“The crucifix the burdensome weight compelled the actions of one man that! helped cross the distance, the dreaded tread step by step." 
        By two wings the feet of the Seraphim covered, "they laid Him flat against the cross the twisted body the agony of the Son was all but lost! That metallic mallet echoed the clashed sound of a cymbal rippled at the pounded face the tap of the taps the last of the iron headed spikes tapped down! The demonic spirits gathered around the wooden rails that splintered from ear to ear they grinned. The fingers cringed the soft flesh of the Son of Man. They staked the crucifix the hallowed ground was disregarded above stark against the darkened sky three crosses stood on Calvary they then turned in on either side and mocked the ears. The lighten'n was kindled the flash was released the skull was shaken the Lion roared!" 
        “Emmanuel,” I spoke from the ground.
“Now summoned come forth,” the Seraph asked at last, “What was feared? Do not fear since in the works it is finished in the shadow of the cross of the Lord the crown was won." 
        "Struck this heel was bruised to look upon the serpent of bronze which coiled round about was to live for another day," to the forefront in mind I remembered. 
The Seraph, “greet him quickly he’ll depart from us soon!” 
        & I heard from 7, “if I knew you and you knew Me our thoughts might pleasantly agree,” the voice of Seven which curved the hemispheres the voice which brought this smile, the Seraph paused then retracted, 
“I laid prostrated fully submitted here behind the dowry veil this I know with eyes lit of pity how many cannot be told that this beloved Seraph tends to the right before the Lord the Host of Heaven's Armies."
Then the confidence had overcame, “watch them for us they war they ask for nothing of reward," 

“Indeed, my plans are not like your plans, and my deeds are not like your deeds,” says the Lord, “for just as the sky is higher than the earth, so my deeds are superior to your deeds and my plans superior to your plans,” 
        teach me to live pure beloved Seraph my faith rests in this eighth day of the Lord upon the Seventh of heavens!